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Online Radio Can Be Free Entertainment.

The internet has grown to the point where it is now used daily without thought by people searching for information, online shopping and other online services. Another wide spread use is for entertainment purposes for people who want to watch videos on youtube-type services or simply to download music album tracks to help build their music collections. Recently another entertainment source has come to the fore - internet radio. More and more traditional broadcast radio manufacturers are now including internet connectivity and internet radio tuners into their standard range of products. The features of a typically modern, internet radio equipped product are illustrated in the following video:

This however is not the only way to enjoy the benefits of Internet Radio. As each stations output is distributed over the Internet, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It only requires a computer and a reliable internet connection. So someone in Australia and someone in the United States can both be listening to entertainment content emanating from, say, Finland. These live broadcasts can be streaming a wide variety of entertainment formats, covering news, sports, business or politics, as well a vast spectrum of local and international music sources. It is currently estimated to be over 20,000 such radio channels broadcasting across the whole spectrum of output. As the vast majority of these stations are set up by individuals, or small groups of people who just do it because they love the subject matter or because they want to serve the international community, the output is free of charge and without interruption from commercial breaks.

Internet radio has several advantages over traditional terrestrial local or national radio. This vast number of independent channels means that each station can choose its own entertainment niche, or sub-niche. This may be based on quizzes, stories, comedy, niche-specific news or if it is music entertainment you are looking for then every genre, sub-genre and sub-sub-genre is available.

Although the array of Internet Radio stations is vast, it is in fact easier to find your desired channel than with a traditional AM/FM/DAB radio. This is because there are a number of Internet Radio 'portal' channels that act as directories and list individual Internet Radio stations by location, language, niche output, by artist and/or music genre etc. This makes it extremely easy to locate the type of entertainment you may be looking for.

Throughout all these opportunities you will find that the high standard of Internet technology now available, ensures a much higher, consistent, audio quality which is unaffected by weather conditions or distance from a transmitter!

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