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Why You Need To Have A Website Security Strategy

When you are talking about web design it is always great to use a platform that's been on the market for a while. It is true that there are new content management systems (CMS) that you can use these days, but WordPress is still the leader.

It is quite normal for beginners and old timers to use this kind of blogging platform as it will offer all that you could need. Someone who has been working in website development for many years and understands advanced web design techniques will also find WordPress is easy for them to work with and get great results.

It's also secure as long as you understand what you need to do to beef up the basic settings. If you are talking about WordPress Security, you'll have to be prepared to make some changes under the hood.

Whether you plan to use this for blogging purposes or you would like to create an ecommerce website, you must pay attention to website security. Here are some of the important facts to know about WordPress and the methods to enhance its security.

The Significance Of Website Security Security is definitely a major part of website development because it is very important to protect the content of your website. It won't matter if you have a blog or an ecom site, online hackers can grab user information and set up malicious software on the website. The hackers can find a method to damage your status by publishing random things in your site or they can also trick your customers in order to get money from them.

In March 2016, Google actually reported that 50 million website consumers had been informed about websites that may contain malware. Google also blacklisted a lot more than 20,000 websites due to malware issues and 50,000 sites for phishing. Now all the SEO techniques in the world are not going to help you get visitors to your site if Google has told everyone that your site is dangerous!

You Should Keep Your WordPress Updated WordPress is an open source software that's regularly managed and updated. It will install updates automatically if you tell it to. This is extremely important because updates indicate improvements to the features of the blogging platform and the fixing of any security issues. Keeping up to date and fixing loopholes that some online hackers may have found to gain access to the websites, is critical to your site security.

In addition to updates to the WordPress core you will also need to update your WordPress plugins, particularly the ones that are related to website security. Often hackers will gain access to your site through older plugins that have been compromised.

Using Strong Usernames And Passwords If the username and password that you are using are incredibly easy to remember, the hackers will have an easy time to discover them as well. The best thing that you should do is to use strong account access credentials for the site. You should stop using the username "admin" and make your own which is very difficult to remember. For the passwords, you have to make a strong password that is made up of symbols, capital letters, numbers and the longer the better.

There are a lot of site security professionals who can help you to improve your site security. You should never be reluctant to seek their help to make certain that your website is always safe. The savings in the long run will always outweigh the short term investment.


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