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How To Protect Mobile Devices And Smart Phones

With the advancement of mobile technology and smartphones, the mobile device has become an integral part of everyday life for most people.

These devices are in fact a powerful computer, and in some cases even more powerful those desktop computers and they need to be protected against cyber threats the same way you need to protect your desktop.

Some of the basic levels of protection needed to desktops apply also to mobile devices. This includes some of the following:-

* Make sure you have safeguarded access controls- where possible use biometrics.

* To prevent data loss use an encryption key for added security

* In the event that your device is lost, install remote find and wipe tools, to prevent unauthorised access.

* Make sure that your operating system, and any other security software installed is up-to-date. As manufacturers and App developers become aware of the cyber threats, their in- house developers are able to provide patches to their software to stop the hackers gaining access, make sure all patches and updates are installed.

* Make sure you only install Apps from a trusted source; refrain from downloading Apps from unfamiliar sites.

* Make sure that any permission requests from Apps are legitimate; do not allow access from any unfamiliar or unused App.

* Dont jailbreak devices, iOS devices can have their operating systems manipulated make sure your iOS operating system is updated.

* Make sure Apps updated to the most recent version.

* If suspicious App is identified, delete it immediately.

* Change passwords regularly, especially Apple ID, Google Play and any third party App stores.

* If you receive any suspicious or unfamiliar emails it would be prudent to delete these emails.

* Make sure that all company data is protected by implementing a secure online backup policy.

* If a patch is needed for any software, make sure you proceed with great caution when using your internet browser, or any such internet activity until the update is performed.

* If you have an Android device, make sure all update are performed as soon as received from your software provider.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive or comprehensive set of actions to help protect your mobile device from a cyber-attack, make sure you apply these procedures to help protect your personal data from being compromised.

In the years to come it is expected that cyber-attacks on mobile devices will become more and more attractive to the internet hackers. Most of the manufacturers are working hard to secure their platforms and operating systems. One area that the manufacturers are really trying to improve within mobile technology is the validation and sign in procedures. This will allow the systems to be compromised less easily.


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